Redefining Cognitive Health

We all spend large amounts of time worrying about and investing in our physical health and appearance - but what about our brains?

Your brain is your most valuable asset and, like your body, it ages.

At a cellular level the brain begins to age when you’re in your early twenties. It is incredibly unique from your body and requires specific care, nourishment and protection. That’s why Senescence Life Sciences is on a mission to redefine how we care for our brains. We leverage the latest advances in neuroscience to create innovative products designed to protect and preserve brain function. Our goal is to provide a healthy and clinically proven path to keep your brain performing at its best.

Our Brain Supplements

Formulated by neuroscientists, our brain supplements are designed to optimize brain function and combat brain aging.


Translating innovative research into safe, Effective and scientifically proven products


Working directly with some of the world’s top researchers, we conduct exhaustive evaluations of ingredients to identify the most innovative and promising natural compounds that have known mechanisms of action within the brain.


Sourcing pure ingredients of the highest quality, we develop and optimize synergistic formulas targeting the underlying molecular mechanisms of brain aging.


Each batch undergoes extensive testing and laboratory analysis in Canada to ensure safety and efficacy. Product formulas are updated and improved as new research becomes available.

Our products and ingredients are designed to work with you day-by-day, gradually over time, in order to help preserve and enhance your cognitive health. We ask that you come with us on our journey as we commit to making a long-term, tangible impact on your brain health and overall well-being.


Each of our products are tested for allergens, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and residual contaminants. All of our products are certified organic, vegan, gluten-free, sulphite free, non-GMO and consistently test 4x to 100x better than the requirements set by Health Canada.


We only use premium ingredients of the highest quality and purity. What’s on the label is in the bottle – simple as that. We only manufacture in a state-of-the-art Health Canada, USA FDA and GMP approved facility in Ontario, Canada. Want to see the test results from your specific bottle? Just ask!


We have invested heavily in product developed and ingredient selection. Each ingredient we use has displayed positive cognitive results in at least 5 clinical studies conducted by 3rd party academic labs.