EDGE™ (ages 30 to 55) and REVIVE™ (ages 55+) daily brain supplements have been meticulously formulated by a team of top neuroscientists from around the world, and are designed to optimize your mental performance and combat brain aging.

Manufactured in Canada under strict quality controls in a Health Canada, US-FDA and GMP certified facility, both products offer your brain the protection, support and optimization it needs for long-term health and function.

Each product contains a unique, synergistic blend of ingredients clinically proven to have a positive and lasting impact on your brain health, including Vitamin E, Panax Ginseng, Centella Asiatica, Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Selenium.

Senescence Life Sciences Brain Supplements Formulated By Neuroscientists

As early as two to four weeks after first use you should begin to experience improved sleep quality and mental energy, and we recommend a minimum 3 month's supply for you to experience the full benefits.


Purchase up to 3 bottles at a time for significant per bottle savings and also to ensure that you're getting the most that each product has to offer. We also currently offer free shipping for all orders in Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Canada.



Make a positive, lasting impact on your brain health with EDGE™ and REVIVE™ daily brain supplements.