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Biological aging, which is the gradual deterioration of the functional characteristics of most complex lifeforms.
Senescence Dr Shawn Watson

Dr. Shawn Watson, CEO & Co-Founder

Senescence Life Sciences was founded on the belief that brain health is an essential component of healthy living and that everyone can take an active role in maintaining their cognitive performance. This vision stems from our co-founder and CEO Dr. Shawn Watson’s first-hand experience in witnessing the devastating impact of dementia on his own family.

Passionate about the cause Dr. Watson pursued a PhD in Neuroscience, investigating why the brain suffers from a progressive decline in brain function as we age. His endeavours led to a breakthrough discovery that uncovered evidence to support the exciting possibility that age-related cognitive decline may be a reversible process. Senescence Life Sciences grew from this discovery, and is on a mission to leverage the latest advances in neuroscience to create innovative products designed to protect and preserve brain function.



Senescence Life Sciences has taken a unique approach to health product development, and has focused first on defining and understanding a fundamental problem: Why does the brain suffer from a progressive decline in function as we age?

Dr. Watson's seven years of research explored this question, culminating in a new understanding of why our brain's age. His findings have since been corraborated in neuroscience laboratories around the world. With this knowledge in hand, Senescence Life Sciences has developed and patented a systematic strategy specifically designed to target the underlying mechanisms responsible for age-related cognitive decline.

Senescence Life Sciences is built upon this new understanding of why our brain's age but, unlike other companies that focus on synthetic development, we first set our sights on finding natural ingredients capable of targeting the underlying mechanisms responsible for age-related cognitive decline. The result is a product line of safe, natural and scientifically supported daily brain health supplements designed to optimize mental performance and support healthy brain aging.


OUR Mission

We believe brain health is something everyone needs to start thinking about at a much earlier age. We exercise, diet, take supplements and use creams for our aging bodies but what about our brains? Our brains are our most valuable asset and, like our bodies, we can have a positive impact on our brain health through all stages in life.

We want to empower people to take control of their brain health, so we can all live life to it's fullest at home, at work and in our communities. It's never too late or too early to start.

If you'd like to get involved and have us give a presentation on brain aging and how healthy lifestyle choices can positively impact your brain health, send us an email at info@senescence.life.

Below are just some of the organizations we have engaged with:

Senescence Brain Awareness Week Presentation

March 15, 2017 "Brain Awareness Week" presentation at the Lifelong Learning Institute.

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