Age-related cognitive decline (or “brain aging”) is the natural deterioration in the brain’s performance over time. It is caused by intrinsic, progressive changes that build up within the brain as we age. These changes result in decreased processing speeds and the reduced ability to form, store and recall memories.

Brain Aging & Cognitive Decline

Research suggests that, as early as age 40, individuals begin to show signs of age-related cognitive impairment, most notably in learning and memory. These signs accelerate significantly by the age of 65 and onwards.

Conversely, pathological aging arises due to cognitive changes resulting from disease or trauma that ultimately accelerates the degradation of the brain. The umbrella term for the resulting conditions is called dementia, and, in contrast to natural aging, this is a condition that only certain individuals will experience. There are degenerative dementias (ex: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s) that increase in prevalence with age and are irreversible, and non-degenerative dementias (ex: a stroke) that can be treated.



The transition point between age-related cognitive decline and dementia is blurred and neuropathological evidence suggests there is no boundary at all. For this reason, our research focuses on investigating therapeutics capable of targeting the overall process of natural aging, with the hopes of slowing it down and preventing its transition into pathological dementia.

Our work has pinpointed a specific enzymatic process through which cellular free radical damage is translated into functional changes in the brain. This discovery lead to the identification of a cellular mechanism that, when properly manipulated, has been shown to restore classical neuronal indicators of age – including neuronal electrophysiology, and learning and memory performance.

Importantly, our work focuses not on a single target, but rather relies upon the synergistic actions of multiple changes to support and protect key processes within the brain. As such, rather than a more traditional single drug approach, our research focuses on combination therapy with multiple active vitamins and botanicals. Our findings present the exciting possibility that the natural decline in our cognitive capabilities as we age may, in fact, be a preventable or even a reversible process.


OUR founder

Senescence Life Sciences was founded on the belief that brain health is an essential component of healthy living and that everyone can take an active role in maintaining their cognitive performance. This vision stems from our Founder and CEO Dr. Shawn Watson’s first-hand experience in witnessing the devastating impact of dementia on his own family.

Passionate about the cause Dr. Watson pursued a PhD in Neuroscience, investigating why the brain suffers from a progressive decline in brain function as we age. His endeavours led to a breakthrough discovery that uncovered evidence to support the exciting possibility that age-related cognitive decline may be a reversible process. Senescence Life Sciences grew from this discovery, and is on a mission to leverage the latest advances in neuroscience to create innovative products designed to protect and preserve brain function. A healthy brain is the first step to a healthy life.